What entertainment does the bar at The St. Regis New York offer?

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Plenty of unique features The St. Regis New York’s bar will capture your attention when you’re sipping on a cocktail or enjoying a fine wine.

While drinking a Red Snapper, its version of a Bloody Mary, at the historic King Cole Bar, a giant mural of Old King Cole will stare at you from behind the bar. Maxfield Parrish painted the mural in 1906 at the behest of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s first owner, John Jacob Astor IV. Supposedly, there’s a secret riddle hidden in the mural that the bartenders know — you just have to stick around long enough to cajole it out of one. You’ll also hear a pianist tickling the ivory nightly and sometimes on weekends, depending on the season, at the nearby Astor Court restaurant. The restaurant is close enough for the lively songs to drift into the bar; guests and locals alike enjoy sitting back in a soft leather chair to take in the tunes.

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