What are the best things to order at Le Bernardin?

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Le Bernardin, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star seafood restaurant with dishes prepared by acclaimed chef Eric Ripert, offers a delectable prix fixe and tasting menu filled with deep-sea delicacies topped with flavorful, Asian-inspired sauces. The entire menu earns our rave review, but if you want to know the best things to order at the restaurant, we offer these picks:

1. Le Bernardin’s menu cleverly divides its menu into three basic categories: Almost Raw, Barely Touched and Lightly Cooked. If you’ve got a daring palate, you’ll love the Almost Raw section. We love the assortment of fresh oysters and the numerous sashimi and tartare options; in particular, the striped bass with a watermelon radish carpaccio, mustard oil and red dulce seaweed vinaigrette.

2. Though the menu changes often to incorporate in-season produce and fresh-sourced fish, you can expect to find terrific Barely Touched dishes year-round. The sautéed calamari filled with sweet prawns and shiitake mushroom, warm lobster carpaccio with hearts of palm and orange vinaigrette or smoked yellowfin tuna “prosciutto” with pickled vegetables and crispy kombu all make our mouths water just thinking about them.

3. Lightly cooked dishes are sure to please both the most adventurous and timid palates. Masterpieces at this New York restaurant include a crispy black bass in a hoisin-plus jus with lup cheong sausage and mini pork buns or a red snapper baked with a rosemary and thyme-salt crust.

4. If you have a hard time choosing just three dishes on the prix fixe menu, we recommend splurging on the chef’s 10-course tasting menu with a carefully selected wine pairing. The menu changes seasonally, but will always take you on a delectable journey through the chef’s wheelhouse of searing, baking, poaching or just letting ingredients go au naturel. A recent menu included caviar, seared langoustine with a wild mushroom salad, charred octopus with miso vinaigrette and lime parfait with merengue, avocado purée and grapefruit-tequila sorbet.

5. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s pastry chef blends French techniques with molecular gastronomy to create interesting and decadent treats — all of which pair well with the seafood-rich menu. Our favorite is the Mandarin. The secret: The French mini lemon sponge cakes bake in the microwave and come out like soufflés. The cakes are plated with mandarin sorbet and a yolk-like bubble filled with mandarin-flavored juice that will wake up your palate. 

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