What is the chef’s food philosophy at Le Bernardin?

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Put simply, chef Eric Ripert puts the focus on fish at Le Bernardin. He even goes so far as to tell you that outright, printing the mantra “fish is the star of the plate, not the chef” on the menu. Sourcing the finest fresh seafood from all over the world and using seasonal vegetables, Ripert believes the best ingredients make the best meal. Ripert’s seafood shines through simple preparations, paired with flavorful and balanced sauces that often include Asian ingredients.

Ripert also believes in sustainability: The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant doesn’t serve endangered species. If you want Chilean sea bass, shark or wild blue fin tuna, you’ll have to go somewhere else. Ripert’s cuisine is sure to knock your socks off, and even better, it’ll leave you satisfied and guilt free.

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