Does Masa offer low-calorie options?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Dining at Masa is not the time to cut calories or leave food on your plate — at $450 to $600 a person, the 26-course dinner should be savored for what it is. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant specializes in sushi, rice, seafood and sake, which aren’t particularly unhealthy, but a meal takes two to three hours and definitely constitutes an indulgence.

Since Masa offers a pre-set menu, you can’t really pick and choose dishes to keep the calories down, though many of the courses are fish-based and you’ll usually find a salad among the starters. If you need to be calorie-conscious, you could stick to sashimi, vegetables and tea and skip the alcohol.

If you’re watching your weight but still want to enjoy chef Masa Takayama’s food, you can head to Bar Masa, located right next to Masa on the fourth floor of New York’s Time Warner Center. There you can order from the à la carte menu for smaller portions for lunch and dinner. There’s a large selection of salads, soups, grilled vegetables and veggie-friendly sushi that would be a good alternative to the more-expensive Manhattan sushi restaurant.

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