Does Masa offer special bread and butter service?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Masa, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star sushi restaurant from renowned Japanese chef Masa Takayama, doesn’t offer a special bread and butter service — but we doubt you’ll mind. The pre-set, 26-course dinner menu includes five appetizers, a sushi entrée with 15 to 20 types of exotic fish, as well as tea and dessert. Trust us: You won’t miss eating bread.

Masa’s menu changes seasonally to incorporate fresh fish and produce, but it’s likely you’ll get a hot pot among your starters. The hot pot features a main ingredient — like chicken, fish, beef or vegetables — and has a rich broth that you can soak up with the bread the dining room staff will bring you. Otherwise, the menu has plenty of rich, creamy rice — topped with white truffles or beneath fish in sushi — so you’ll get enough carbs to keep you happy.

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