Does the chef visit the table during dinner at Masa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

While it’s correct to say the chef doesn’t make formal visits to the table during your dining experience at Masa, that also doesn’t tell the whole story. Depending on where you sit, you may actually eat certain dishes straight out of the chef’s hand. That sure beats a simple “hello.”

Sit at one of the 10 seats at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant's pristine sushi bar to watch the chef prepare your food behind the counter. Or watch and listen to explanations about what’s in the sushi courses after the dining room staff delivers it to your table. Feel free to ask the chef questions and participate in the dining experience. At the sushi bar, the chef will pass you a number of dishes, and sometimes, you’ll eat a dish right from his hands. Masa offers an incredibly intimate and unique two- to three-hour dinner that allows you to interact with the kitchen and staff. And, if you finish all 26 courses and still jones for more, the chef will ask you if there’s any course you’d like to repeat — a definite bonus at this popular Manhattan restaurant.

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