What are the table settings like at Masa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Masa, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant in New York from renowned chef Masa Takayama, embraces traditional Japanese design elements. The sushi restaurant features sparse decoration and minimalist table settings; you won’t find anything but chopsticks, their holders and napkins on your table or at the sushi bar. Masa follows the concept of shibui, which means a simple, honest presentation of materials, devoid of unnecessary materials. Otherwise, the only decorations you’ll see are a few blooming cherry blossom branches in an oversized clay pot and a pond and bamboo garden behind the counter. The Manhattan restaurant pours its vast resources into preparing the freshest sushi possible — not in gussying up lesser-quality food with fancy presentations. We think you’ll appreciate the allocation of time and energy after dining at Masa.

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