What is the service like at Masa?

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Masa’s dining room floor serves as an extension of the excellent service offered from its kitchen — literally. Part of the fun in dining at Masa comes from its intimate size, with 10 seats at its sushi bar that put you just inches from the chef preparing your meal. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant serves a pre-set, 26-course dinner, and the knowledgeable staff can help you pair wine or sake with your food to make the most of the experience.

The dining room team delivers some of the courses, which the sushi chef then describes them to you. After you finish each course, the dining room staff discreetly removes each plate, readily and consistently refilling your water and sake. The staff is attentive, but not overly so — you’ll feel comfortable as they flutter about the dining room.

Building on that sushi bar experience: During your meal, you’ll develop a relationship with the sushi chef, especially if you sit at the sushi bar. In addition to watching the food preparation, the chef will pass you some dishes across the counter, and occasionally you’ll actually eat straight out of the chef’s hand — try doing that at another restaurant. Ask the chef any questions you have about the ingredients; by the end of the two- to three-hour meal, you’ll feel like old friends. As a nice surprise, at the end of the meal at this New York restaurant, the chef will also ask you if there are any courses you’d like to try again. We capped our meal off with extra toro — an unexpected ending to an already excellent meal.

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