Does Per Se have any signature desserts?

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Generally speaking, coffee and doughnuts don't usually show up on the menu in a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant, but thank goodness, this isn't true at Per Se. Technically, the New York restaurant's signature "coffee and doughnuts" is a mignardise, not a dessert, but it is a standout sweet. It is a far cry from what is served in your local doughnut shop. First served at chef and owner Thomas Keller's The French Laundry, the treat consists of a coffee semifreddo topped with milk foam, accompanied by a delicate cinnamon sugar doughnut and doughnut hole. Otherwise, pastry chef Elwyn Boyles offers equally swoon-worthy treats such as plum purée with ginger sherbet or chocolate crémeux with bourbon-maple syrup ice cream. Like the rest of the menu, it depends on what's in season.

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