What is the dress code at The Lambs Club?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Hayley Bosch

Depending on what time of day you dine at The Lambs Club, the dress code varies. In the morning, when breakfast is served to hotel guests and New Yorkers fueling up for the day, the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed — though people tend to be in business casual attire. When we were there for breakfast, there were a couple of morning meetings going on, so diners were dressed in a sophisticated manner. Of course, this being New York, it’s hard to find a restaurant where people aren’t dressed to impress. The dinner crowd tends to be a bit swankier than during the day; but that doesn’t mean men have to don a jacket and women a cocktail dress. Nice jeans and a blouse for women, and slacks or nice jeans and a chic shirt for men, will be perfectly acceptable.

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