What unique treatments are available at The Peninsula Spa New York?

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New York City may be full of salons and spas, but a day spent at The Peninsula Spa New York isn’t like any other. Set on the 21st and 22nd floors of a historic Midtown hotel, this 12-room urban retreat offers unique treatments that combine European, Asian and Ayurvedic techniques, methods and philosophies for a unique holistic approach.

If stress is keeping you awake at night, the Ayurvedic Experience, based on Indian traditions, will help get you back into slumber mode. Therapists use a salt and oil scrub to exfoliate your body and a warm infusion of oils to cleanse your face. That’s followed by an Ayurvedic massage, in which pressure is applied to points in your face and body to relieve tension.

During the Peninsula Ceremonies, special products, essential oils and botanical extracts from Asia are used to soothe and get your energy levels back to the right level. You can choose from the Deep Tissue Experience, Jade Hot Stone Massage, Thai Inspired or Spirit of Peninsula Body Treatment. Each signature treatment begins with the Peninsula Spa tea ceremony, an in-depth consultation and relaxing foot ritual. Most treatments include a combination of treatments such as a foot ritual, body wrap, body brushing, body exfoliation and body and head massages (2 hours for $550).

And if you’re expecting a baby, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa offers a maternity massage. During this treatment, special oils are used to nourish and protect the skin while tense areas like the lower back and hips are soothed with gentle techniques.

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