Does The Inn at Little Washington have a house car or limousine service?

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Although The Inn at Little Washington does not have a house car, the concierge can certainly set you up with a limo or town car through a service. You’ll find that you won’t want to leave the property and actually won’t need to, considering you have a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel and Five-Star restaurant in one. However, if you happen to travel to this Northern Virgina inn by train, you may find it very handy to have the concierge set up a car service to scoop you up from the station and transport you the 30 beautiful miles to Washington, Virginia.

The property does offer activities such as hiking in the nearby Shenandoah National Park and is happy to provide you with transportation to and from the park. So while it’s a nice perk to have a house car leisurely waiting to take you wherever you may wish, it just isn’t necessary.

The small town of “Little Washington,” as it is called to avoid confusion with its big sister down the Potomac, has just about everything it has to offer at the intersection where the inn lies. The residents say that the town hasn’t changed much since George Washington surveyed it back in 1749, so everything is in walking distance. But if you find yourself in a situation where you may need a car or limo to transport you, The Inn at Little Washington is more than willing to grant your wish.

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