What are five things I should know about The Inn at Little Washington?

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Whether it helps you pack your suitcase a little better or just gets you pumped up for the trip, we’ve come up with a list of five things we think you should know before your visit to The Inn at Little Washington, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star inn located in Northern Virginia.

1. There’s limited cell signal. One of the aspects that makes The Inn at Little Washington so unique is its remote location — and we mean remote. As you make your way to this little town on Lee Highway, you’ll notice that you start to lose cell service while you’re still 30 miles out. So unless you have Sprint, you will not be getting much service in Washington, Virginia. Though if you happen to be in a bi-level suite, you may find that your phone works in certain spots in the room such as the top floor by the window.

2. It’s more for grown-ups. While kids are not unwelcome at this romantic destination, the amenities right down to the dinner menu are geared toward adults. Of course, if you think your youngster has a refined palate and just happens to be very mature, he’s more than welcome to tag along. The hotel provides cribs and babysitters, but we suggest you leave the little ones at home and take advantage of this secluded getaway.

3. It’s non-smoking. If you are an avid smoker, this just may be the place where you finally kick the habit. All of the guest rooms are non-smoking; although if you are in urgent need of a cigarette, you can take a walk around town and get your fix. That being said, we highly recommend that you don’t smoke in the rooms because the guests after you may likely be non-smokers. Not to mention, it’d be a shame to soil the beautiful draperies and furniture with smoke.

4. Try the restaurant. Attached to this Five-Star inn is an equally amazing Five-Star restaurant; and yes, they share the same name. As a guest of the hotel, you are guaranteed dinner reservations each night of your stay. You may not realize how convenient this is, but most people have to book nearly six months in advance to snag a spot at this gourmet restaurant. Chef Patrick O’Connell integrates his Southern upbringing into classic American dishes using the freshest ingredients, most of which come from his “field of dreams” garden across the street.

5. It's historic. The town calls itself “the first Washington of them all,” considering it was surveyed by young G.W. himself in 1749 and finally established in 1769. Though the inn is completely up-to-date in terms of fixtures and amenities, you’ll still get that historical charm everywhere you look. From the plantation-style building to the elegantly festooned guest rooms, you will be transported back in time with all the luxe amenities, of course.

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