What five words would you use to describe the style of The Inn at Little Washington?

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There’s just no other place like The Inn at Little Washington — people return to this Northern Virginia inn year after year to experience its unique charm, and that has a lot to do with its singular style. Here are five words that best describe the essence of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star inn's look.

1. Elegant. Once inside the intimate lobby of the main building, the elegance of the hotel surrounds you with ornate wallpaper, antiques, loads of fresh flowers and furniture that was shipped in from the United Kingdom. It all makes for a genteel, Victorian-English feel.

2. Welcoming. The exterior of the main plantation-style home is white and flanked with colorful flags — you’ll be greeted by name and the whole arrival ambience feels like you’re visiting a friend’s grand country estate.

3. Theatrical. Joyce Evans, the inn’s interior designer, learned her trade as a set designer in London, and the Five-Star hotel’s signature stylistic flair shows off her background in theater — think multiple layers of fabrics, amethyst-studded ceilings, patterns over patterns and unique tapestries.

4. Charming. The town of Washington, Virginia, hasn’t changed all that much since the 1700s, and the Five-Star inn’s use of the historic buildings scattered around the campus is about as quaint as it gets.

5. Romantic. With its countryside setting, cozy interiors and fanciful décor with romantic Victorian undertones, The Inn at Little Washington is simply enchanting.

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