What restaurants does The Inn at Little Washington have?

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Sure, The Inn at Little Washington only has one eatery; but it is a darn good one, and the eponymous Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant is the cornerstone of the hotel located in Northern Virginia. Patrick O’Connell, the chef and proprietor of the property, embarked on a foodie’s journey of a lifetime when he opened The Inn at Little Washington in 1978. The hotel would follow just two years after the debut of the restaurant.

As a native of Washington, D.C., O’Connell ventured 70 miles west to bring his love of food to the teensy weensy town of Washington, Virginia. The self-taught chef can basically be described as the pioneer of refined American cuisine. Before being gourmet was cool, O’Connell was producing some of the richest food to hit our tongues. Thirty years later, the “Pope of American Cuisine,” as Robert Mondavi referred to him, is still in the kitchen and living the dream. Granted, being the genius behind what we think is the most beautiful kitchen we’ve ever seen could be a lot worse.

You’ll certainly find that O’Connell achieves his goal of his food restoring and healing people, as he has refined many of the classic dishes from his childhood. With six- and 10-course tasting menus, you’ll definitely get your fill of rich food at The Inn at Little Washington. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be craving it until you return — trust us, we crave the entire menu all the time.

Whether you are partial to black truffles or prefer to indulge in American osetra caviar, you will be pleased with the selection on the menu. A longtime favorite of ours is the lobster and grapefruit; the pan-roasted Maine lobster is accompanied by sections of juicy grapefruit and topped with a citrus butter sauce, making it absolutely heavenly. But, let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

The best part about staying at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star inn and having the restaurant at your fingertips is that you are guaranteed reservations. While outside guests have to make reservations nearly six months in advance, you automatically snag a much-coveted table the moment you book your room.

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