What signature drinks does the bar serve at The Inn at Little Washington?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If there’s one thing The Inn at Little Washington is careful to remember, it’s the town’s historic roots. In fact, the inn downright relishes them — which is apparent on the menu in the Monkey Lounge and Living Room. Signature cocktails here pay tribute to Washington’s long history, which was first surveyed in the mid-1700s by George Washington himself. The recipe for his namesake cocktail (brandy, freshly squeezed lemon juice, local honey, strawberries) has been handed down since the 1870s — a little after his time and way before ours. We like to think the Five-Star hotel makes it the way it was done when our founding fathers were around — with fresh and local ingredients.

The Bar La Florida Daiquiri No. 4 stays true to its original 1935 recipe created in Havana, Cuba. Out of the four recipes listed in the 1935 La Florida bar book, the inn serves up the fourth option: a mix of rum, lime, sugar and a dash of maraschino liqueur. You’ll also find a variety of cocktails that change with the seasons on the bar menu.

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