Are there any signature desserts at The Inn at Little Washington?

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Sure, the desserts are constantly changing at The Inn at Little Washington; but that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t any signatures at this Northern Virginia restaurant. Chef Patrick O’Connell, who opened the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star eatery in 1978, incorporates some of his childhood favorites into the dessert menu. Of course, these classic desserts are evolved and refined in a way to knock your socks off, no matter how simple they may be.

O’Connell is known for his butter pecan ice cream. Whether it’s in the form of a Southern butter pecan ice cream sandwich with hot caramel sauce or simply a bowl of the decadent ice cream alone, O’Connell’s fabulous desserts are a favorite among the staff and definitely one of our faves.

If you can’t decide which dessert to order, opt for the signature Seven Deadly Sins, where you’ll get a sampling of the kitchen’s most decadent desserts. It’s so good, it’s sinful — hence the name.

Another one of our favorites that’s been on the menu for years and become a signature dessert at the Five-Star Restaurant is the Painter’s Palette of Summer Sorbets. Served on a plate that actually resembles a painter’s palette are several — more like seven or eight — jars filled with various sorbet flavors. Much like the Seven Deadly Sins, just a lot lighter.

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