What is the design style of Balboa Bay Resort?

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With its distinctive red-terra-cotta-tiled roof, Balboa Bay Resort stretches along the bay like a luxurious Mediterranean villa. The lobby was conceived to resemble a traditional yacht club; hence finishing touches like a small, carved wooden boat hang under a painting in one corner. And there’s the immense, colorful painting of sailboats by local artist Bill Denholm behind the reception area. The interior aesthetic is decidedly nautical, and there’s an understated luxuriousness to its classical columns and the cream-and-gold stone floors as well as the circular tiled mosaic illustrating the moon’s phases.

The lobby is scheduled for an enhancement later in 2014 to allow in more natural light. The new design is intended to reflect the casual elegance of Newport Beach. Designers have selected modern, contemporary colors: warm taupe and blues, accompanied with crisp white accents, rustic woods and relaxed woven rattan furniture pieces that are reminiscent of nautical fittings, while fabrics and upholstery mimic the hues of the rugged coastline.

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