What restaurants does L’Hôtel du Collectionneur have?

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Lindsay McCallum

L’Hôtel du Collectionneur offers two dining options — Purple Bar and Restaurant Le Safran. Purple Bar is a cocktail bar with a nice selection of gourmet snacks and light meals for lunch and dinner. With fresh salads, classic burgers and rich foie gras, Purple Bar has something for hunger pangs any time of the day. The extensive cocktail menu changes seasonally, but certain lounge classics — the Red Snapper is the hotel’s take on the Bloody Mary and its famous rum-based Zombie was popularized at the 1939 New York World’s Fair — remain constant. Le Safran is the consistent onsite culinary option for those occasions that call for a bit more pomp. Its kitchen presents contemporary French cuisine that's ideal for anniversary celebrations, birthday dinners or romantic nights out.

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