What are the best art galleries in Paris?

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Rooksana Hossenally

As well as being the city of love, light, fashion and haute-cuisine, Paris is also the city of art. The art gallery scene used to be based in Saint-Germain at the time of Sartre and de Beauvoir, but it has since moved to the Marais and a small fraction is also being channelled further out into the 20th arrondissement.

For the best contemporary art Paris has to offer outside of museums and other institutions, head to the city's more prised art galleries, which are in the Marais. Galerie Perrotin (76 rue de Turenne, Paris 75003) and Yvon Lambert (108 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 75003) are not to miss. 

Both extremely respected gallerists for their flair, talent and passion, Emmanuel Perrotin represents big names like Takashi Murakami and Maurizio Cattelan, while Yvon Lambert works with the likes of Shilpa Gupta and Mario Testino. 

Another gallery not to miss is Polka Galerie (12 rue Saint-Gilles, Paris 75003) for its fantastic choice of photography. The gallery shows work by some of the world's best photographers, like Marc Riboud, David Bailey and Jean-Marie Périer (work pictured).

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