What five words would you use to describe the style of Stein Eriksen Lodge?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Though it’s difficult to sum up the appeal of Stein Eriksen Lodge in five words, here are our Forbes Travel Guide picks to best describe the hotel’s style:
1. Secluded. This Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is tucked away high in the mountains near Salt Lake City, providing an escape from the daily grind up among the snowcapped peaks. 
2. Natural. Stein Eriksen Lodge offers breathtaking views and abundant plants that cover the grounds.
3. Warm. Exposed wood and stone accents give the style of this Park City hotel a cozy feel.
4. Airy. Stein Eriksen Lodge’s pitched ceilings make it feel open — perfect considering the mountain views that surround it.
5. Relaxing. Luxuriously outfitted rooms, private hot tubs and more than 140 fireplaces on the property give guests plenty of space to unwind from a day of skiing, hiking or mountain biking.

Five words that best describe Stein Eriksen Lodge are welcoming, relaxing, breathtaking, rejuvenating and elegant.

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