What is the food presentation like at Glitretind Restaurant?

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The food at Glitretind Restaurant is presented simply, with a nice balance of colors and textures. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant served tuna crudo on an oblong white plate with two red chunks of big eye and albacore tuna elegantly draped on top of one another, sandwiching a crisp cucumber. A perfectly round ball of icy cucumber sorbet added a nice chilled component, while a large dollop of avocado mousse brought creamy balance. In another dish, a colorful salad of potatoes and beets was arranged on a long rectangular plate — each element was placed casually but carefully and topped with arugula. The luxury Park City restaurant offers plenty of meat-and-potatoes style entrées, and they’re usually displayed elegantly but without much fuss — a buffalo flank steak was centered on a large square white plate and surrounded by creamy white grits, diced sweet potatoes and three large Gulf shrimp, then drizzled with a deep brown sauce. 

The food presentation at Glitretind Restaurant is simple and artful.

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