What is the scene like at The Painted Lady Restaurant?

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Kerry Newberry

Chef Routt and his wife Jessica modeled The Painted Lady Restaurant after the prix fixe establishments they fell in love with in Europe. The decor is understated elegance with delicate white crystal chandeliers, antique mirrors and a warm candlelit fireplace.

The intimate dining room hums softly as black-and-white suited servers quietly glide from table to table orchestrating a graceful affair. Each glass of wine is served with a story and if you are lucky, the winemaker just might be at hand.

The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant is not only a dining destination; it’s also at the top of the list for locals in Portland. If you hear a French accent, don’t be surprised if it’s from one of the French-turned-Oregonian winemakers that crafted the silky pinot noir you’re sipping.   

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