What are the best things to see and do in Puerto Rico?

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Hayley Bosch

Many people who aren’t familiar with Puerto Rico think solely of San Juan when they think about this destination. But the rest of the Caribbean island is quite exciting and has plenty to offer. Here, according to Forbes Travel Guide’s editors, are the best things to see and do in Puerto Rico:
1. Experience Mosquito Bay. Catch the ferry to the tiny island of Vieques for dinner and then take a boat ride on Mosquito Bay. This is the brightest of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. The organisms that fill this body of water glow when they are disturbed, so you’ll see the water light up with a beautiful blue hue in the boat’s wake.
2. Explore Old San Juan. As the oldest American city — founded by Spanish colonists in 1521 — San Juan has plenty of history to explore and the most intriguing is in the forts of Old San Juan. Visit El Morro, where you can walk among the ramparts and through the dungeons.
3. Soak up the sun at Flamenco Beach. On the island of Culebra, Flamenco Beach is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. The horseshoe-shape beach makes for great snorkeling, and the water is crystal clear. Vendors selling everything from clothing to food line the beach, and there are also lifeguard towers.
4. Take a catamaran tour. Hop on a boat in Fajardo and head out to the smaller islands like Palominito and Icacos for some unrivaled snorkeling. Carve out a half-day trip and plan to see some top-notch underwater scenes. Many of the boats have food and drinks included in the package.
5. Discover Gilligan’s Island. Whether you’re snorkeling through the mangroves or simply rafting and drinking the day away in the calm waters, this natural wonder is a must-do. You can rent snorkeling equipment in the nearby town of Guanica.

Jossell Louie Velazquez

Puerto Rico is an incredible Caribbean island with a fascinating, multicultural history that started with the colonization by Spain and the introduction of several European countries, each of which shaped their own history and created a fantastic and unique flavor. Mother Nature has provided some alluring and captivating features too, including El Yunque National Tropical Rainforest.

A visit to the majestic El Yunque begins with a quick stop at the visitor's center for a comprehensive short movie about this incredible ecologic system, followed by La Coca Falls (no hiking involved). Then onto The Yukahu Tower, which provides a captivating view of the East Coast including the sister municipality islands of Vieques and Culebra, and a great finish is to include a true hike trail into La Mina Falls, where you can enjoy a quick swim in the refreshing waters!  Make sure to allow yourselves at least four hours to enjoy this fantastic attraction and please do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion, use mosquito repellant and bring along water to keep hydrated!

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