Are there any signature desserts at The Fearrington House Restaurant?

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The signature dessert — the hot chocolate soufflé — at The Fearrington House Restaurant has been on the menu for more than 25 years and has developed quite the reputation (it once appeared on the cover of Gourmet magazine). The soufflé is dusted with powdered sugar and is served brimming over the edges of a white ceramic pot. The server makes an indentation with a spoon, dollops some freshly whipped cream into the hot chocolate interior and then dramatically drizzles hot chocolate sauce over the soufflé until it drips down the sides of the pot. It's the perfect ending to a great meal at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

Colin Bedford

The signature dessert is the hot chocolate soufflé, which is served with a hot chocolate sauce and a whipped cream. The whipped cream is inserted into the soufflé tableside and then the entire soufflé is doused with extra hot chocolate sauce. It is a chocolate lover’s dream.

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