Are there places to sit while we wait for a table at The Fearrington House Restaurant?

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If you have to wait for a table at The Fearrington House Restaurant, take a seat in the bar or even in the lounge. In cooler temps, we recommend that you perch yourself on a sofa by the fireplace in the lounge. While relaxing in the bar, you may be prone to ordering a pre- or post-dinner martini or cognac. Wood parquet floors, dim lighting, book-filled shelves and cozy seating give the place an erudite glow. If you crave a fresh cocktail, this is your place, considering that the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s signature drinks change with the leaves. Sommelier Max Kast is likely to introduce a martini to match the season — cucumber martinis during hot summer, for example, and crabapple martinis in the fall, made with fruit from trees growing on the grounds. You can’t get more fresh than that.

Theresa Chiettini

At The Fearrington House Restaurant, there is a very nice lounge area as well as a lovely bar where guests can sit and wait for their table or enjoy a drink prior to dinner.

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