Does The Fearrington House Restaurant offer wine pairings?

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To get the full culinary experience at The Fearrington House Restaurant, opt for the wine pairings. For an additional $35 to $45 (depending on the number of courses) per person, sommelier and wine director Max Kast will expertly pair each of the three or four courses of your meal. Kast uses wine preference as a way to get to know each and every guest just a little better and thus tailor each dining experience to your taste.

Pulling from the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant's wine cellar that is 800-plus labels deep, Kast plucks out everything from a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon from Galilee, Israel, to a full-bodied dry Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch, South Africa. The trick is to sate you while picking a wine that flaunts the fabulous flavors of the dish. Whether it is a DeTrefford Chenin Blanc paired with the poached pear salad with blue cheese or a Pepper Bridge Merlot with the pecan-crusted beef tenderloin, your palate will certainly be pleased.

Colin Bedford

Our wine director, Max Kast, offers very thoughtful wine pairings for the regular menu as well as the tasting menu. Pairings offer guests the opportunity to taste some very special wines, which we open just for this option.

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