Does The Fearrington House Restaurant have a bar?

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The Fearrington House Restaurant may be housed in a 1927 farmhouse but it does have modern accouterments, including a jewel box bar area. Guests often stop by the bar before or after a meal to order a classic martini or a glass of fine cognac, served along with bite-sized nibbles including rich cheese straws and olives. The bar does specialize in small-batch bourbons and single-malt scotches — perfect for enjoying by the fireplace after your meal, too. Sommelier and wine director Max Kast also offers an excellent selection of wines for you to enjoy either at a cocktail table or at one of the few high back bar stools. Cushioned chairs with the bar’s distinctive gray-and-white geometric pattern complement the dark gray wainscoting on the bar itself and the overall muted gray color palette really lets the greenery and flowers from the garden outside the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant pop from the walls of windows. The cocktail tables hold small, white vases filled with a beautiful assortment of flowers from the gardens.

Theresa Chiettini

The Fearrington House does have a wonderful bar that seats seven and about 12 more in tables around the bar. Views of the gardens surrounding the bar are just stunning.

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