Does The Fearrington House Restaurant have any special views?

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Tucked away on a gorgeous North Carolina farm, The Fearrington House Restaurant showcases some of the most idyllic vistas. We love the view of the garden; it just makes you appreciate the fact that much of the food you’ll eat at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant is consistent with its farm-to-table philosophy. From some tables, you’ll be positioned to look out at the magnolia trees, rhododendron bushes, stone fountain and pristinely landscaped garden beds. But some of the most special views on the grounds take place before you even step foot in the North Carolina restaurant. As you approach The Fearrington House Restaurant, you’ll pass a meadow where black-and-white Belted Galloway cows graze and tall handcrafted whirligigs spin madly. At some point early in the evening, you may catch a glimpse of the cows taking their evening stroll across the emerald-green pasture.

Theresa Chiettini

The Fearrington House Restaurant offers beautiful views over several gardens surrounding the property. Every dining room has a view of them.

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