How old does my child have to be to dine at The Fearrington House Restaurant?

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The Fearrington House Restaurant asks that guests be at least 12 years old to dine at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star eatery. Children don’t often dine at the foodie friendly Fearrington House Restaurant, and the ones that do are almost always very well behaved. Tween and teens are warmly welcomed, but they will be the exception rather than the norm. Many of the restaurant’s guests visit for the quiet, romantic atmosphere (with the exception of wedding parties and other celebrations held in private dining areas where kids of all ages are welcome). And although children aren’t commonplace, they’ll be treated just as well as any other guests by the accommodating and approachable staff.

Colin Bedford

We request that to dine at The Fearrington House Restaurant, children should be six years or older. Although we do make exceptions and will accommodate younger children during earlier seating times.

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