What is the noise level like at The Fearrington House Restaurant?

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There’s no better way to describe the noise level at The Fearrington House Restaurant than hushed. Courtesy of the restaurant’s layout, you won’t find any echoes or natural microphones to carry your voice. Within the several small dining rooms, there’s no cavernous space that might capture and amplify voices. Instead, heavy window drapes and rugs absorb any raised voices — though most dinner guests keep their tones low, anyway. Waiters pad through the rooms, while low-volume jazz plays in the background. Those hushed tones come in handy: You won’t miss a word your waiter and sommelier have to say about the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star meal to come.

Colin Bedford

The noise level is very low at The Fearrington House Restaurant. Each of the dining rooms throughout the restaurant is relatively small and is carpeted to reduce the noise level. 

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