What vegetarian and vegan dishes does The Fearrington House Restaurant offer?

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Because the menu at The Fearrington House Restaurant changes weekly and seasonally, it’s impossible to predict which vegetarian and vegan dishes will be on offer during your visit. But chef Colin Bedford can accommodate either types of eaters, regardless of what’s on the menu. It’s safe to assume that salads and seafood will be prominently featured, since the latter is one of the chef’s strong suits. During a summer meal, for example, seafood or vegetables anchored four out of six of the main courses.

Tip: For best results, explain your dietary restrictions when you call the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant to make a reservation. Bedford can prepare a “chef’s creation” just for you.

Colin Bedford

There are always one or two vegetarian items offered for each course on all menus at the restaurant. Vegan items can be prepared upon request.

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