What’s the best table at The Fearrington House Restaurant?

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When dining at The Fearrington House Restaurant, you’ll want to try and book a table with a view of the impeccable gardens outside. There’s hardly a more romantic seat in the East Coast than one that overlooks the gorgeous grounds, soft lit and twinkling at dusk. When you make your reservation at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant, ask for a seat near a window (there’s several to choose from). Before or after dinner, take a stroll under towering oak trees, past fountains, an herb garden and crabapple trees, and finally through the White Garden. A three-sided pergola covered with fragrant vines and brick pathway skirt the edge of this garden, where zinnia, gladiola, moon vine and lantana all bloom white. As twilight arrives, you’ll see the grounds magically lit up by light-strewn orbs of bundled grapevines hanging from branches.

Colin Bedford

There are several tables that are very popular in the restaurant. Tables one through four are right by a bank of windows overlooking the Knot garden and are popular with parties of two. Table 17 is a favorite for tables that have six to eight guests.

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