What is the scene like at Atlantis Steakhouse?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The scene at Atlantis Resort Casino Spa’s Atlantis Steakhouse is a sociable one. Steakhouses are often thought of as business restaurants brimming with businessmen (and cue the cigars, if only smoking laws would allow). Atlantis Steakhouse is a modern steakhouse, and if anything, it’s a social restaurant, complete, on some nights, with air kisses and table hopping.

There are business types and couples, groups of family and friends, and special-occasion diners out to splurge. Solo travelers often sit at the roomy bar where it’s easy to strike up a conversation. And some of the wealthiest people in Reno are customers of Atlantis Steakhouse, feeling comfortable enough to bring out the big watches, the jewelry and that little something from Valentino.

Atlantis Steakhouse celebrates, in a welcoming way, the pleasures of good food, good drink and good company — and the means to enjoy them.

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