Golden Flower at Encore Macau

A tantalizing Tan palace
Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is nothing short of extravagant. A devoted tea sommelier is one thing (some restaurants have water pairings, after all) but a resident poet who can compose original poems and calligraphy for guests to commemorate their meal? Now that’s certainly stepping it up a few notches. And that’s just one thing that makes Golden Flower distinctive.

The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant specializes in Tan cuisine, a special and relatively rare blend of southern and northern Chinese flavors created by Tan Zongjun, a government official who hailed from the Cantonese south but went north to work in Beijing during the Qing Dynasty. Chef Liu Guo Zhu and his highly trained team have honed the labor-intensive art (some broths slow-cook for 12 hours) of this kind of cuisine, as well as the authentic flavors of Shandong and Sichuan.

Not to be outdone by the kitchen, the actual dining room is a feast for the eyes. Although parasol-shaped lighting fixtures in the main dining room at the Macau restaurant shine down over classic tables and chairs outfitted in pale cream and white, Chinese elements abound with tassels on walls, contemporary screens, and a turquoise wall contrasting with the warm lighting and colors.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • Dining at Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is luxurious yet intimate. Attention to detail can be spotted in everything from the focused service to the creative décor.
  • Golden Flower is the only restaurant in Macau with its own tea sommelier; expert Fiona Wan helps you choose the right tea to go with your palate and she explains the philosophies behind tea drinking as she prepares and pours.
  • The popular Sichuan tea-smoked duck is a must-try dish. After six hours of infusing the duck with tea leaves, the skin of this Sichuan treat ends up beautifully soft, and its flesh deliciously smoky.
Things to Know
  • Though the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant is technically located along a busy road, the resort has built a garden as high as the tall windows that line the street-facing wall, which gives the space an intimate, peaceful feel.
  • Given the sumptuous décor at Golden Flower at Wynn Macau, one wouldn't want to under-dress and forego the chance to blend in with the sophisticated surroundings. The official dress code at the restaurant is casual elegant, which means that the casual wear (like a sleeveless shirt and shorts) that some gamblers sport on the casino floor is a no-go here.
  • The cozy, medium-sized restaurant seats a total of 89 people — it offers two private dining rooms with a capacity for 20 while the main dining area is skirted with booths and has three tables (for four people) with window views.
  • For dessert, try one of the most requested dishes — the fried banana and red bean paste wrapped in egg white. For Chinese women, the birds’ nest desserts (double-boiled bird’s nest with coconut milk) are especially popular, as they’re believed to be good for the health and skin.
The Food
  • Seafood plays a starring role on the Macau restaurant's a la carte menu. Sup on specialties like red-spotted garoupa bisque with vinegar and black pepper, stir-fried sea cucumber with bamboo shoots, or wok-fried Macau lobster with ginger and spring onion. 

  • The eight-course meal will also give you a taste of tradition, as each plate has been hand-selected by executive chef Liu Guo Zhu. These flavorful dishes offer a culinary tour of China, spanning Tan, Lu, Sichuan and Cantonese cuisines.

  • Opting for afternoon dim sum is another way to sample the food and culture that Macau has to offer. Expect classic dishes such as pork buns and steamed dumplings to be prepared perfectly and held to highly delicious standards.
The Design
  • Matching the detailed presentation and preparation of its food, Golden Flower has an atmosphere of elegance and tradition with opulent red and gold detailing throughout.

  • Huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a lush bamboo garden while over-the-top floral centerpieces adorn the tables, blurring the lines between indoors and out.

  • Opulent Chinese-style lanterns dot the ceiling, providing a stylish sense of place as well as soft lighting.

  • Two private dining rooms are also available for a more intimate setting while still maintaining a sense of luxury.
Getting There
Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau
Golden Flower at Encore Macau
Golden Flower at Encore Macau
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