Are there any signature desserts at Lemaire?

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Much like the menu, the desserts at Lemaire rotate on a daily and seasonal basis, so even signature items don’t last long. The menu almost always features a cheesecake, a crème brûlée and a selection of housemade ice creams and sorbets in rotating flavors. When it comes to dessert, don’t skip it! Especially if the peanut butter cheesecake is on the menu — its deconstructed presentation makes it look more like a pile of peanut butter mousse under a chocolate dome than cheesecake, but it’s probably the best dessert our Forbes Travel Guide editors have ever had. Another favorite is the blueberry “soup” with housemade granola. Envision melted blueberry ice cream studded with the delicate crunch of lightly sweetened granola — a perfect light bite after a large meal. What’s even better is that no dessert on the menu is over $7 — meaning you can sample them all, signature or not. Along with traditional desserts, Lemaire offers a selection of after dinner drinks, coffees, teas and dessert wines as well.

The signature desserts in Lemaire change with the seasons. In the spring and summer, the Peak of the season blueberry “soup“ with vanilla ice cream and house made granola, the peanut butter semifreddo with dark chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce and chocolate tuile and the peach cobbler with pecan lace tuile and buttermilk ice cream are the favorites. In the fall and winter, old-fashioned Southern pound cake with apple butter, bourbon caramel sauce and ginger ice cream, the chocolate croissant bread pudding with Wild Turkey anglaise and the “Smores“ Cheesecake with dark chocolate, graham cracker crust and toasted marshmallow are indicative of the season. Dessert is best enjoyed when paired with one of the cordials, brandies or dessert wines from the accompanying list.

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