How do I get a reservation at Lemaire?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

If you’re planning a trip to Richmond, Va. anytime soon, you’d better clear a space on your itinerary to eat at Lemaire. To make a reservation, you can book online, call or speak to someone in person at the restaurant. If you’re staying at The Jefferson Hotel, you can also call the concierge and arrange a specific date and time for your meal. The restaurant is fairly large size, featuring 139 seats, including the bar and lounge area, so making a reservation is relatively easy. Like any good restaurant, however, Lemaire is busier on the weekends, so to be safe, we recommend you book a day or two in advance.

Reservations at Lemaire may be made by calling the restaurant directly at 804-649-4629 or by calling The Jefferson Hotel at 804-788-8000 or 800-424-8014. Reservations may also be made on-line at or using and searching for Lemaire. Group, private dining reservations may be made by calling 804-649-4663. Reservations are not required at Lemaire but are strongly suggested.

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