What are the five best things to order at Lemaire?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The menu changes seasonally, based upon the freshest ingredients that our group of trusted local suppliers can provide. The five best things to order on the menu, however, can usually be found in some rendition throughout the year:

Pimento Cheese: This classic Southern staple has really made a comeback and we couldn’t be happier.  Served alongside slices of local Billy Bread, this is the perfect small plate to share over cocktails.

Oysters: Anything on the menu with oysters is going to be a true taste of Virginia.

Pork: We love every part of the pig but especially the chops. And the bacon. And the Virginia ham.

A Salad: Our salads always feature the very freshest flavors of the season and are the perfect starter for any meal.

The Daily Specials: These spur-of-the-moment dishes are filled with the day’s freshest ingredients and the creativity of the kitchen team. You can never go wrong.

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