What are the five best things to order at Lemaire?

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Lemaire has several specialties that you should be sure to note, although it is important to recognize that most dishes rotate seasonally and the menu has a heavy emphasis on local cuisine. Here are a few things you should definitely order if they’re available when you visit:

1. Berkshire pork chop. This Berkshire pork chop is served with a root beer barbecue glaze, collard greens and housemade, hearty mac and cheese. It was so good, our Forbes Travel Guide editors wanted to eat every single bite.

2. Dover Sole. This classic and ever-present dish is prepared traditionally in a light butter sauce and cooked to perfection.

3. Peanut butter cheesecake. If you think you’re going to split this dessert with someone else, you should probably order two — you won’t want to share it. Its deconstructed presentation makes it look more like a pile of peanut butter mousse under a chocolate dome than cheesecake, but it was probably the best dessert we’ve ever had.

4. Oysters. If you’re a seafood fan, try the local oysters, served traditionally on a bed of ice with accompaniments like lemon and cocktail sauce.

5. Peanut soup. If you love locally inspired dishes you’ll want to try the peanut soup — a creamy soup made from boiled peanuts, a local delicacy.

In my opinion, the five best things to order at Lemaire are:

Chilled and slightly spicy vine ripe Hanover tomato gazpacho with jumbo lump crab meat and brioche.

Down south fried green tomatoes (f.g.t.’s) with Laughing Bird shrimp, sweet corn and Surry County sausage succotash with blue cheese vinaigrette.

Lemaire jumbo lump blue crab cakes with chilled cucumber, grilled Vidalia onion and Bundy Farms cherry tomato relish with garden dill cream.

Cast-iron seared free roaming Virginia bison ribeye with Anson Mills roasted corn polenta, urban garden ratatouille and bourbon-pecan demi glace.

Crispy ginger-crusted Chesapeake Bay soft shell crab with lemon cous-cous, h2o-melon and avocado coulis and Lemaire’s own chile oil.

Lemaire’s menu changes seasonally so enjoy these items with the changes of the season.

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