What is the chef at Lemaire’s food philosophy?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Lemaire’s chef, Patrick Willis, lives by a food philosophy that centers around two major ideas — the first, to produce Southern cuisine with a modern twist, and the second, is a farm-to-table concept with a heavy emphasis on sustainable and local ingredients. Even though the menu changes seasonally, Lemaire sticks with that philosophy throughout the year.

Whenever possible, Chef Willis sources his products from small, local producers to ensure the highest quality.  The farm-to-table concept is nothing new for Patrick. He grew up learning the food cultures of his mother’s family in Wolftown, VA where canning and cooking from scratch were both preferred and necessary. From his father’s family in Eastern North Carolina, he developed an appreciation for the smoking and slow-roasting of pork and other meats. Patrick has remained committed to providing upscale Southern cuisine that showcases the bounty of the region. The menu honors the local influences of Richmond and features local purveyors.

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