What is the dress code at Lemaire?

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Since the restaurant’s makeover in 2009, Lemaire’s dress code is now more casual — guests are encouraged to come dressed as they are most comfortable. ​Despite the more casual feel, you have to remember that you’re still dining in a nice restaurant! We recommend collared shirts for men, though blazers and ties aren’t necessary. Women have a bit more flexibility, as appropriate outfits can consist of a trendy dress or skirt. On the weekends, the crowd tends to be a bit more formal, but nothing too stuffy. As a whole, Lemaire offers sophisticated, yet accessible food, and your attire should match that philosophy: sophisticated, but accessible.

Michelle Doucette

Officially, Lemaire’s dress code is casual. The signature restaurant at The Jefferson Hotel advises guests to come as they’re most comfortable. And with Lemaire’s convivial patio and down-home starter snacks (applewood-smoked peanuts, olives with basil), you won’t feel out of place if you’re dressed down. That said, when happy hour hits, the Richmond restaurant fills with well-heeled professionals enjoying Lemaire’s stunning bar area and delicious, locally sourced dinner creations. When I dined there at 7:30 p.m. on a Thursday, the average guest in the restaurant’s elegant dining room was dressed in smart business attire. Still, it’s nice to know you may come as you are and be welcomed with the same genuine hospitality for which Lemaire and The Jefferson Hotel are known.

Lemaire does not have a specific dress code but simply asks that guests come in attire that makes them feel most comfortable for the occasion that brings them to Lemaire. It is not uncommon to see guests dressed in shorts and polos or suits and ties — even the occasional formal wear for special occasions or the theater.

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