What is the noise level like at Lemaire?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Guests in the dining room at Lemaire can expect a moderate level of noise. A mix of jazz and southern “deep soul“ is piped in as background music. The enjoyment of friends and great food and beverage are the focus of most of Lemaire’s diners so the sounds of forks and glasses clinking and the exclamations of delight as dishes arrive at the tables are likely to be the most disruption that could be expected. The four separate dining areas with the restaurant also allow for smaller groups of diners in each area and thus a lower lever noise.

Lemaire bar and lounge tends to be a more festive atmosphere though guests can certainly expect to enjoy a pleasant conversation with companions. Televisions are positioned on two sides of the square bar for those that wish to keep up with the scores of the game or the news headlines while enjoy a cocktail. The volume is kept low, so as not to intrude.

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