What are five things I should know about Addison?

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When Addison at Fairmont Grand Del Mar opened, it quickly became one of the top-rated dining experiences in the region. Here are five things you should know about Addison:
1. It’s a Southern California standout. Addison is one of only a two Five-Star restaurants in Southern California so you know you’ll be enjoying the region’s very best food and service.
2. It’s named after an architect. The Five-Star restaurant is named after Addison Mizner, the architect who made the Mediterranean Revival style popular. This style was the inspiration for Fairmont Grand Del Mar, the luxurious old-world resort that houses the restaurant.
3. The chef is a wizard with seasonal fare. Chef William Bradley has won many accolades for his tasting menus that reflect the best ingredients from a particular season. Experience his artistry with tasting menus of three, four, seven or 10 courses. The menus change each night and are based on what’s freshest and best.
4. Ordering wine pairings is a must. Elizabeth Huettinger — the wine director for Fairmont Grand Del Mar — has amassed a wine collection as impressive as the Chef William Bradley’s cuisine. The stunning wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant should clue you into how central the wine experience is here.
5. Ask for table 99. Restaurant staff confided that this is the best spot in the house, with views of the entire dining room.

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