What are the five best treatments at The Spa at Fairmont Grand Del Mar?

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The Spa at Fairmont Grand Del Mar offers some amazing services. In fact, they are among the best in the country. Here are our five favorites treatments at this Five-Star spa:

1. Manual Lymph Drainage. Focusing on the face and neck, this light, rhythmic therapy is designed to improve the overall functioning of your immune system. The lymphatic vessels play a key role in removing toxins and delivering nutrients, antibodies and other materials to the tissue cells of the body.

2. Decompression. The invigorating body scrub of organic rosemary is followed by a hydrating body wrap of goat butter while you lie on a warm, free-floating bed. This soothing, luxurious treatment culminates with a customized body massage.

3. Art for Art’s Sake. An application of warm oil is massaged onto your neck, shoulders, décolleté, face and scalp, which is then followed by exfoliation, warm aromatic cloths and a remineralizing clay mask. This will leave your skin radiant and revitalized.

4. Sculpted Beauty. Nutrient-rich, mineralizing clay paired with a contouring massage draw excess fluid from your tissues. The results? Toned and revitalized skin.

5. Expression. The subtle, penetrating heat of warmed stones combine with an herbal salt scrub and a refreshing cleanse with a Vichy shower. Next up? A tonic massage with rich goat butter cream.

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