What are popular attractions near Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco?

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When you stay at Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco, you will have plenty to do with your free time. There’s no shortage of San Francisco sights and highlights, most of which are a short walk from the Five-Star hotel.

We recommend heading to Union Square to experience some of the city’s best shopping and, since you’ll be close, stop by Chinatown to check out the impressive architecture. There’s great dim sum, bakeries and Vietnamese sandwich shops here, but avoid Grant Avenue — it’s filled with tourist traps — and head to Stockton Street, where the residents eat and shop. If you’re still hungry, trek to North Beach, the neighborhood adjacent to Chinatown, where you’ll find Italian restaurants, nightlife options and legendary storefronts that were once icons of the city’s beatnik subculture.

It’s fun, if pricey, to take the cable car up and down the city’s legendary hills — including Nob Hill, whose stately buildings are second only to the views of the bay. Make time to head to the Ferry Building or you’ll miss out on beautiful waterfront views and some of the best gourmet food in town. Catch a flick at the Metreon or Westfield multiplexes, or while away a few hours looking at art in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. If you’re willing to head a bit farther, we recommend Golden Gate Bridge Park or a walk around The Japanese Tea Garden. With the impressive red structure in the background, you’re sure to snap some of the most memorable photos on your trip here.

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