Does The Cloister have a house car or limousine service?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

It may take you a little extra effort to get to The Cloister, given its secluded location off the coast of Georgia, so this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel does offer a private shuttle as well as town car service on Sea Island for its guests. The Cloister’s concierge can help you make these arrangements ahead of time, which is strongly recommended given the sometimes limited availability.
Though the town car services are not free, there is a complimentary shuttle back and forth from its sister hotel (The Lodge at Sea Island) and its Sea Island Golf Club at The Lodge to The Cloister. You’ll also find golf carts on the Sea Island hotel’s grounds available to take you to and from your guest room or suite.

The Cloister offers complimentary shuttle service to and from The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club, The Inn at Sea Island and Davis Love Grill.  The Cloister also has a full-service transportation fleet, that accommodates any size group or need from transportation to and from the airport as well as on-property transportation.

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