Does Georgian Room have a kids' menu?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Although it doesn’t have a dedicated kids' menu, Georgian Room is easily one of the most child-friendly upscale restaurants you’ll find. Many of the pint-sized guests who visit this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s home base, The Cloister hotel, take manners and etiquette classes, so it’s not all that rare to see pre-teens ordering caviar or other sophisticated bites from the menu. Chef Daniel Zeal is more than willing to accommodate younger palates and can simplify anything on the menu, including roasted chicken, beef rib-eye and fresh fish.
The chefs also make sure to always keep housemade pasta on hand, since the top request for younger diners at the Sea Island restaurant is buttered pasta. Although the dining room is really more appropriate for older children, if you’d like to dine with a baby in tow, the chef is willing to arrange a more private dinner at the chef’s table. Or avoid the fuss and have your meal delivered to your room at The Cloister.

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