What amenities are provided for business travelers at Park Hyatt Shanghai?

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Park Hyatt Shanghai is the consummate hotel for business travelers, with all the amenities you could need. However, it does not lose its charm or personal touch by being a fully-equipped business hotel. Here are our top five picks for the best business-related amenities:

1. Car service. If you’re here on business, take advantage of a car service that will shuttle you around the city and outside suburbs (if factory visits are in order). Ride in everything from BMW 5 and 7 Series cars and Mercedes-Benz sedans to Audis. For something more posh, Mercedes-Benz and BMW limousines are available.

2. The business center. The 24-hour business center is a convenient place to make international phone calls in an office setting complete with the necessary stationery and secretarial services. However, these can also be requested in the comfort of your own room.

3. The Wi-Fi. You can access the reliable, lightning-fast Wi-Fi in any part of the Shanghai hotel, for free. This perk cannot be praised enough.

4. The computers. In case you didn’t bring your laptop, you’ll have the luxury of using the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel’s computer workstations, which are fully equipped with Microsoft Office Suite.

5. Other services. Going a step beyond other hotels, Park Hyatt Shanghai can help you put together presentations with printers and has the ability to bind documents onsite if necessary.

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