What are five things I should know about Park Hyatt Shanghai?

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Park Hyatt Shanghai has many interesting features. Here are five things you should know about the hotel:

1. Once upon a time, in the beginning of 2009, Park Hyatt Shanghai was the tallest hotel in the world. Since then, the towering hotels of Dubai have overtaken this title five times over, but the vista offered by its 93rd-floor location is still splendid.

2. The hotel scored a culinary coup in the form of executive chef Gerhard Passrugger, who mans Dining Room, Pantry and Chef’s Table. Not only is he gregarious, his food is top-notch and he attracts some of the world’s best sommeliers to visit his restaurant.

3. You can get your fill of Passrugger’s delicious cuisine around the clock thanks to room service.

4. For practical business travelers, the Shanghai hotel’s business center is conveniently located adjacent to the lobby and open 24 hours with extensive services such as international and domestic courier delivery (and small touches like Post-its).

5. This is the city’s sole “international boutique hotel,” meaning it’s the only one with the cozy feeling of a boutique hotel and all the requisite amenities of an international hotel chain such as the Hyatt.

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