What five things should I pack for a stay at The Peninsula Shanghai?

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When packing for your stay at The Peninsula Shanghai, there are five things you should be sure to bring along:

1. A bathing suit. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s light-filled pool area is great for relaxing after a long day, and the comfortable water temperature ensures that your lips won’t go blue. Since it’s indoors and heated, you can swim in the Art Deco pool year round.

2. Comfortable shoes. To prepare for a day of touring, tuck some comfortable shoes into your luggage. You’ll be glad you’re wearing them after hours of pavement pounding on the nearby shopping district on Nanjing Road or checking out the striking skyline along the Bund.

3. A light rain jacket. Shanghai’s weather is finicky, and though the Five-Star hotel provides umbrellas, you’ll want to pack a rain jacket. It will come in handy when you’re out and about.

4. A camera. We know you’d never leave your camera behind on a vacation, but it’s especially important during your stay at the Shanghai hotel: Most of the guest rooms and the restaurants — especially the bar at Sir Elly’s — offer sweeping views of the Huangpu River and city skyline.

5. Cash or an ATM card that can be used internationally. Many of Shanghai’s small shops and restaurants do not accept credit cards, so you’ll need a backup stash.

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